Policy of quality

In accordance with actual policy of quality inside the Concern "Tractor Plants", the management of "Industrial Service of Machines LLC" had set the values and principles of quality management in the enterprise.


  • Customer orientation;
  • Uninterrupted improvement of processes and management;
  • Open to any ideas and a willingness to understand all of them;
  • Competence, responsibility and understanding of our areas of responsibility;
  • Effective internal and external communication;
  • High-performance discipline and relevant qualifications;
  • Method of Project management;


The purpose of  our policy is the organization of qualitative and effective service support of products of Concern "Tractor Plants" to achieve high efficiency of its operation by the consumer.

The main ways for implementation the Policy:

  • The constant desire to meet the requirements of consumers, achieving this by taking into account the requirements and expectations of these consumers and improve the consumer properties of the product, including its technical perfection.
  • Unconditional leadership "Service of Industrial Machines" for quality assurance services and an understanding of their responsibility for the professionalism and qualification of employees.
  • The base of successful action – the high professional level of employees. Employees of the "Service of Industrial Machines LLC" are the main value of the enterprise. Continuous improvement activities, continuous training, support creativity and attention to working conditions – the basis for the development and effective use of the potential of employees at all levels.
  • System approach to management and continuous improvement interacting processes to improve operations and provide benefits to interested parties. 
  • The application of modern management techniques, coordination of interacting processes allow to achieve a stable financial position, growth, customer satisfaction and employees. 
  • Management decisions based on analysis of the facts and substantiations is the basis for effective business development.
  • Mutually beneficial relationships with dealer organizations and consumers of the products of the Concern "Tractor Plants" and quickly solving the problems  -  guarantees of the quality of our services.