Post-warranty maintenance and repair of CHETRA machines

"Service of Industrial Machines LLC" is the specialized brunch of Concern "Tractor Plants".  We provide full set of warranty and post-warranty services for CHETRA machinery (produced by "Promtractor" JSC and "Kurganmashzavod" JSC).

We are ready to offer you the full set of services which includes:
  1. Maintenance; 
  2. Repair of machines;
  3. Technical diagnostics of components and assemblies; 
  4. Overhaul of components and assemblies; 
  5. Overhaul of all models of CHETRA bulldozers such as  T-9, T-11, Т-20, Т-25, Т-35, Т40 (produced by "Promtractor" JSC); 
  6. Overhaul of all models of CHETRA bulldozers such as  TG-122, TG-222,TG-302, TG-503, TG-511 (produced by "Promtractor" JSC);
  7. Overhaul of all models of terrain vehicles such as TM-120, TM-130, TM-140  (produced by "Kurganmashzavod" JSC) 

We are ready to work almost in any part of the world!

 You can contact us concerning the repair and maintenance by the following phone numbers:

+7 (8352) 30-44-95 or  +7(8352) 63-36-11

Техническое обслуживание техники ЧЕТРАMaintenance of CHETRA machines 

Maintenance is conducted by the special team of technical specialists equipped with necessary tools and diagnostic equipment. Our specialists will replace all filter elements (in accordance with the user manual) and provide the diagnostics of all systems and units of machine. 
Regular maintenance will allow you to maintain the technical and operational characteristics of your bulldozer or pipelayer. Also it will prevent the outages of major units and assemblies thereby you can avoid a lot of significant costs of repair or replacement.
In addition, in case of violation of terms and quality of maintenance for warranty machines, the manufacturer shall be entitled to terminate execution of guarantee obligations to the operating organization.

Repair of CHETRA machines

Repairs  of CHETRA machines by our specialists will give you a lot of advantages - shortest terms of restoration with warranty of further failure-free operation, as well as the possibility of reducing the cost of maintaining by your own technical team.      

Обкатка коробки передач бульдозера ЧЕТРАTechnical diagnostics of components and assemblies

Technical expertise is the one of the new type of services aimed at determining the true technical condition of the machines. The results of that expertise will help to make the conclusions about needs for overhaul or current repair and replacement of defective components and assemblies. In addition, technical expertise will allow you to develop the most optimal schedule maintenance and minimize repair costs of equipment.

Overhaul of components and assemblies

 Overhaul of components and assemblies dismantled from CHETRA machines will be produced at the head company in Cheboksary or on the base of the local service center.  All components are tested after the overhaul with using of  special equipment and supplied with  uptime guarantee: 1500 motohours (or 12 months of operation).

Overhaul of CHETRA machines 

During the overhaul of bulldozers and pipelayers "CHETRA" by specialists of our company will be produced the following works
  • complete disassembly of the machine with replacement of all parts which have a worn 50% or more;
  • running-in of components and assemblies with special equipment;   
  • assembly in accordance with the processes of the manufacturer and subsequent testing on the specialized test rigs.
During the overhaul the following parts must be replaced on the new ones necessarily:  components of the running gear, all rubber-technical products and hoses, electrical equipment. After the ending of the full cycle of overhaul works the machine will be provided with warranty: 12 month from the date of commissioning or 1500 motohours (depends on which condition will come first).    

Сервисный автомобиль для ремонта техники ЧЕТРАOverhaul of all models all-terrain vehicles produced by "Kurganmashzavod" JSC 

Overhaul of all-terrain vehicles such as CHETRA TM-120, TM-130, TM-140 execute in accordance with the technology of the manufacturer (JSC "Kurganmashzavod"). During the repair will be done disassembly, troubleshooting and replacement of parts and assembly units which do not fit for further use.  After repair of machine subsequent testing will be made on the specialized test rigs. After the ending of the full cycle of overhaul works the machine will be provided with warranty: 2500 kilometers or 6 month (depends on which condition will come first); 

On issues concerning after-warranty service you can contact us under the following numbers:
 +7 (8352) 63-36-11 (for russian speakers);
 +7 (8352) 30-44-95 (for english speakers);