Creating of technical documentation

Руководство по ремонту, разработанное ООО "СПМ"Our company carries out the creating and development of repair and maintenance documentation for all types of machines produced by  Concern "Tractor Plants".  Such documentation may contain the following information:

  • operating and service manuals;
  • description of construction of systems and assemblies and principles of their operation;
  • procedures of assembly and disassembly;
  • methods of diagnostics of failures;
  • list of tools and equipment;
  • description of safety precaution during the repair works; 

Service manual is intended for qualified technical staff of certified service centers.  It is recommended to use the service manual jointly with operating manual and catalog of spare parts. 
Strict compliance of the repair methods will allow you to save the workability of your machines over the years.  

On issues concerning the technical documentation please contact us under the following numbers:

 +7 (8352) 30-73-26 (for russian speakers);
 +7 (8352) 30-44-95 (for english speakers);