Training in "Service of Industrial Machines" LLC

Процесс обучения"Service of Industrial Machines" LLC is implementing a lot of special and professional trainings for operators and mechanics concerning maintenance and repair of the machines produced by Concern "Tractor Plants" such as:

  • bulldozers CHETRA T-9, T-11, T-15, T-25, T-35, T-40;
  • wheel loaders CHETRA;
  • pipelayers CHETRA TG-122, TG-222,TG-302, TG-503, TG-511;
  • special terrain vehicles  (TM-120, TM-130, TM-140);
  • logging machines (harvester / forwarder);
  • agricultural tractors;

Classes are held regularly as soon as training group formed. Training for operators and technical specialists of our dealers is free of charge. But all travel expenses (tickets, accommodation, food etc) should be paid by contributing party separately. 

How to sign up for training please LEARN HERE >>>

IMPORTANT NOTE: Maintance and repair of CHETRA machines should be provided only by specially trained persons. This is an obligatory condition which required for saving the warranty in case of eliminating the technical faults during the warranty period.  


During the training all learners will get the knowledges concerning the specific features of CHETRA machines, methods of trouble-free operation and maintenance. Also all learners will get the practical skills with CHETRA machines and will see the production spaces of the plant.  The middle duration of the training is about 40 hours (5 working days).  In the end of training the learners should to pass the knowledge tests (for getting the official certificate).

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is possible to organize the training not only in our head office but in your territory also (with our technical instructors).  In this case all travel expences of our employees (tickets, accommodation, food, interpreter etc) should be paid by host party.

On issues concerning the training in our company please contact us under the following numbers:

 +7 (8352) 63-36-11 (for russian speakers);
 +7 (8352) 30-44-95 (for english speakers);