Crawler floating all-terrain vehicle CHETRA TM-140 is a multi-purpose vehicle for transportation of people and cargos. This all-terrain vehicle can be used in cross-country conditions with slopes up to 30 degrees with such perspirations as rain, snow and hail, in iced-up conditions and when crossing waterbarriers in dead water. The machine is purposed for operation in boreal climate at ambient air temperature from -40°C to +40°C.

This machine has modular design with three principal compartments: cab, engine compartment and depending of configuration, cargo module, accomodation module or workshop module.П

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS OF CHETRA TM-140With workshop moduleWith passenger moduleWith cargo moduleWith "Palfinger" manipulator
Engine type4-stroke torbocharged diesel
Engine moduleYaMZ-236B-2
Engine operating power, kW (HP)184(250)
Refill capacity of main fuel tanks, L630
Additional refill capacity of main fuel tanks, L200
Pre-start heating systemCombined, with heating of coolant, engine oil
Max. operating weight, t13.0+2%12.35+2%11.2+2%12.86
Max. payload mass, incl. passengers (with floating capabilities preserved), 1.652.24 (0.5 in the cab, 3.5 in the body)1.5
Max. mean ground specific pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 0,026 (0,26)
Number of passengers in the cab (including driver), persons7
Typecentrifugal pump with electric drive
Quantity, pcs2
Autonomous heating systemAIRTRONIC L-D5 24V (option)
HeaterWater-type, working on diesel fuel PZhD24G
Length, mm7 4707 4707 8007 800
Width, mm3 1003 1003 1003 100
Height over heater intake, mm3 5453 5503 0303 670
Fuel distance, km550
Average travelling speed on dry traffic-compacted road, km/h20-30

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